Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Nintendo 3DS: Pokémon Trading Card

One does not like to believe, but the Pokémon Trading Card Game is still alive and is played by several players in the world. Of course it does not pull in the crowds, as do the correct Pokémon games for mobile devices, but the amount of players is enough to justify a re-release of the game.

Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Trading Card Game available for virtual console
The trading card game for the Game Boy
Anyone interested in trading cards nowadays find it either in the shop around the corner or on the Internet. Shops how offer trading cards to all sorts of shows and games and show that the market still exists. Apparently, they also thinks Nintendo so, because for the virtual console of Nintendo 3DS, it has now published the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
The game, which originally came into the world on the Game Boy Color was the most played Trading Card Game for Portable Devices the world and was only first discovered by Blizzard Hearthstone from the throne. In the West only in the original version or as emulation on the Game Boy Color was the Pokémon Trading Card Game playable. Price: 5.99 USD it is now available in North America for the virtual console Nontendo 3DS.

Just for nostalgic fans and this publication should bring a nice feeling. Also some players will then be tempted to buy one for that price. Who so far nothing had this issue on the hat, is this too to want nothing to do, but you should be interested in the Pokemon and trading cards, you are dealing with a real piece of gold. In addition, the rules are of course easier to observe than when playing with real cards, which should also be a reason to buy some.

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