Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Nintendo 3DS: Pokémon Trading Card

One does not like to believe, but the Pokémon Trading Card Game is still alive and is played by several players in the world. Of course it does not pull in the crowds, as do the correct Pokémon games for mobile devices, but the amount of players is enough to justify a re-release of the game.

Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Trading Card Game available for virtual console
The trading card game for the Game Boy
Anyone interested in trading cards nowadays find it either in the shop around the corner or on the Internet. Shops how offer trading cards to all sorts of shows and games and show that the market still exists. Apparently, they also thinks Nintendo so, because for the virtual console of Nintendo 3DS, it has now published the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
The game, which originally came into the world on the Game Boy Color was the most played Trading Card Game for Portable Devices the world and was only first discovered by Blizzard Hearthstone from the throne. In the West only in the original version or as emulation on the Game Boy Color was the Pokémon Trading Card Game playable. Price: 5.99 USD it is now available in North America for the virtual console Nontendo 3DS.

Just for nostalgic fans and this publication should bring a nice feeling. Also some players will then be tempted to buy one for that price. Who so far nothing had this issue on the hat, is this too to want nothing to do, but you should be interested in the Pokemon and trading cards, you are dealing with a real piece of gold. In addition, the rules are of course easier to observe than when playing with real cards, which should also be a reason to buy some.

Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

star wars commander hack apk

Whatever anyone says, the final passage of Star Wars in the hands of Disney has done nothing but reinforce the brand created by George Lucas, and to prove it required only see the amount of events organized by the House of Mickey Mouse in the Lucca Comics & Games , in conjunction with the new branches of space saga that pits Force and the Dark Side, from Star Wars Rebels in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, now increasingly neighbor (missing just over a year, that the Force be with us and with JJ Abrams!).

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Really varied and colorful proposals for the public, and not passionate, and of all ages. First, an entire pavilion of 150 square meters was devoted entirely to the saga, with numerous activities perfect to give a unique experience to fans of this epic timeless. The pavilion contained reproductions of some key elements of the saga, as well as a real digital area in which it was possible to try various games targati Star Wars (such as Star Wars Commander) and where you could see the official website www.disney.itstar- wars. Also present were an area LEGO Star Wars, many products signed Hasbro and various screens with rotating special content sections dall'attesissima television series Star Wars Rebels, recently begun, exclusively, on Disney XD. A GALAXY NEAR, VICINAStar Wars: The Awakening of the Force - Special - Cinema And while at the cinema Astra Central and we were able to enjoy two new episodes of Star Wars Rebels (spin-off series set in an era that ranks among the trilogy the prequel and original trilogy) the kids - but not only - have literally stormed the LEGO area of the stand, including a diorama in LEGO bricks that reproduced the Battle of Geonosis (climax of Episode II). The collaboration with LEGO has also allowed the screening of numerous mini-movie dedicated, in-style "brick", and many statues LEGO Star Wars (Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, etc.) size, made of thousands of bricks, available for visitors to realize the "Selfie" most original Galaxy! Moreover, the terrible Darth Vader was the protagonist of the LEGO Star Wars Bulding Experience, an incredible initiative that saw the construction of a Darth Vader over two meters in height, assembled with more than 50 thousand bricks with the help of the visitors of the event .
Load-bearing part of the experience Star Wars was, of course, the one dedicated to cosplay, parades and live performances more or less official. The lion's share, as always, lay with 501 Italica Garrison and the Rebel Legion, the two largest and most famous Italian groups costuming of the saga, unfailing presence at the event in previous years, who performed in shows and parades for streets of Lucca that involved and entertained the entire audience, divided in its rooting for the Jedi and the Sith, including bizarre alien creatures and reproductions of the means stellar, including an X-WING.

The last week has arrived on Android Batman: Arkham Origins, fighting mobile NetherRealm Studios landed on Google Play Store but not available to download. Even a managerial / strategic by name rather bombastic, made its debut on the virtual shelves of the store in the Big G, and also is not currently available to download: we are talking about Star Wars Commander LucasArts, title that uses mechanical style Clash of Clans with the great advantage of having one of the locations from his fiction of the most famous and appreciated by the general public.

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  We still managed, as in the case of Batman: Arkham Origins, to test it on our trusty ASUS Nexus 7, 2013. We have to admit that Star Wars Commander is very good in many ways. Meanwhile ranks in the original trilogy and not in the more recent, widely disliked by a good number of fans of the saga. Moreover, given the level of appreciation of style games Clash of Clans, you'll understand how it can be effectively winning the idea to create a title that takes advantage of these very mechanical but immersed in the universe of Star Wars.

Star Wars Commander Sample Test

In Star Wars Commander, after a brief introduction, we will have to choose which side to side: if the Empire and its devastating mechanized vehicles (satisfaction of unleashing the field clappers walkers AT-AT and AT-ST is remarkable ) or with the Rebels and their powerful heroes (Ed: Han Solo and Chewbacca anyone?). The dynamics of the game are the same of the many strategic management already available for Android: accumulation resources, construction of new buildings, training troops, missions and raids to the enemy bases.

And exactly how many titles are part of the trend, Star Wars Commander will be available with in-app purchases to help the whole. If you are curious to discover the potential of the new game from LucasArts here are served with our video game testing. Otherwise you can test it with the hand on your devices by downloading it from the link suggested by us, but if you find it interesting, you should wait for the official availability of the game on the Play Store.